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Sewer Scope Camera Inspection

Plumbing Drain Line Camera Inspections

Sewer Scope Camera Inspection

The Sewer Scope Process

Having drain lines inspected by a sewer camera can prevent unwanted headaches after move-in!

Damaged Cast Iron

Homes built before the 1970's tend to have cast iron which corrodes from the inside out. Find out if you have cast iron and if you need to replace it!

Trees, Roots, Blocks

Tree roots, debris, and home movement can ultimately affect the performance of your drain lines over time.

Damaged New PVC

Even new construction homes can have improperly installed or damaged PVC drain lines which is why you may consider a sewer scope.

Plumbing Bellies or Leaks

Plumbing blocks and bellies can easily prevent the proper water drainage needed for a healthy system. Having blocks can damage the system even further.

Cast Iron Drain Lines

It’s a matter of if, not when

Cast iron was used widely before the 1970’s and now, the metal is beginning to corrode. Look at the pictures on the right (below if on mobile), you can see blocks, tree roots, and debris caught inside. The leads to poor drainage, further damage, possible sewer smell, and hefty repair costs.

We take about another 45 minutes onsite to perform the sewer scope inspection.

Read more about cast iron drains.

Cast Iron Drain Line with Tree Roots/Damage
Bellies in Cast Iron Drain Lines

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