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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection Palm Bay & Melbourne

Wind Mitigation Inspection Melbourne & Palm Bay

Florida Form Requirements

Check out what a home inspector looks for during a wind mitigation inspection.

Building Age

If your home is built after March 1st, 2002, you qualify for a discount!

Roof Decking Nailing Pattern

Newer roofs have use a larger deck nail spaced closer together.

Roof Age

If your roof was installed after March 1st, 2002, you qualify for a discount!

Roof to Wall Attachment

This is how your roof is connected to your exterior walls.

Roof Geometry

HIP shaped roofs qualify for insurance discounts.

Opening Protection

All windows/doors must have an impact rated shutter.

Roof Underlayment

A SWR (peel and stick) underlayment qualifies for a discount.

Common Questions on Wind Mitigation

What Shape is my Roof?

Take a look at the image on the right (below if on mobile), this would be a HIP roof. HIP roof planes come down rather than create a peak (a gable). To classify as a HIP roof, your “gables” should be no more than 10% of your total roof perimeter.

What is a SWR?

A SWR (Secondary Water Resistance) is a peel and stick roof underlayment that self-adheres to the roof decking. The self-adhering feature means there are no nails during the install. Regular roof underlayments are made out of felt paper and must be nailed down, which create more holes.

Florida Wind Mitigation

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