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Well Water Testing

Water Testing & Sampling Palm Bay & Melbourne

Water Testing in Brevard & Indian River

Water Testing Process

All water testing & sampling is done according to EPA standards/guidelines and submitting to a qualified lab.

How does it work?

During your inspection, our inspectors will take water samples directly at the source if possible.

Results of Testing

The results of the water test are typically available 72 hours after the initial submission.

Submission to Lab

After the water is sampled, it will be packages and cold shipped to a qualified lab for review.

Options for Testing

You do have multiple options for testing. However, basic bacteria and FHA/VA panel are most common.

When Should You Test Your Well Water?

  • If you have a well water system.
  • If you have a government backed loan (FHA,VA).
  • Anyone who is particularly sensitive or concerned.
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Well Water Testing

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