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Metal Roof Maintenance

4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Metal Roof

By June 19, 2020October 5th, 2020No Comments
Extend life of metal roof

Florida doesn’t deal with the harsh winters as the northern states but does have storms with a lot of wind, rain, and hail.  It is essential to have a roof that can withstand the battering it takes during these weather makers.  There are different types of material choices for the roof and many Floridians like tile roofs.  However, some homeowners don’t care for the expense or how fragile the material is.  On the other hand, some homeowners prefer a metal roof because of the look, energy efficiency, and cost.  Let’s take a look at four ways to extend the life of your metal roof.

1. Inspecting the Roof Two Times a Year

To maintain and extend the life of your metal roof, make sure that it is clean.  It doesn’t need to be sparkly, but care needs to be made that the leaves and branches are cleaned off.  Two times a year, fall and spring is a great time to do your inspection or hire a company.  Use a blower or a broom if you can while standing on a ladder as it is not a good idea to walk on the roof if you are not comfortable.  Tiles roofs, which are popular as well in the south, are tough to walk on too as they are also very fragile.  Any roof inspection requires proper safety measures when checking it out.  On a metal roof, you can walk on the horizontal support structures, to avoid damaging the roof. 

Metal roof fasteners
Metal Roof Fasteners

2.  Check for Loose Fasteners On the Metal Roof

Metal roofs are energy efficient and work well with the sea salt air in Florida.  They may not look like a top choice for a roof, but unlike other types, they will not corrode and they come in an array of colors to fit in the Florida lifestyle.  Metal roofs also last over 50 years and are completely recyclable.  However, to ensure the roof lasts for many years, checking it after major storms is essential.  Check out the roof for loose fasteners by standing on the ground (where it is safest) and look for any raised areas.  If you do find you need to replace screws, make sure the metals are the same.  The metal roof and screws need to be the same material as different metals that come in contact with each other can cause electrolysis and leave a green corrosion film on your roof. (You should always use galvanized screws with the rubber washer to ensure a water tight seal and no rust.)

3. Loose Sealants and Stack Flashings (Boots) Maintenance

Metal roof sealants and boots will wear over time from the weather.  Unfortunately, when they start to wear, leaks start in the roof. It is important to check these areas and reseal them as necessary. Florida sun can cause the sealant to erode and water to be let in.  Fixing the loose sealants and boots will extend the life of your metal roof and prevent costly repairs.

4. Call in a Roof Professional

You may not know if there are leaks in the roof, or if there are areas that are raised.  It is also dangerous to walk on the roof. Take extra care after a rainstorm or the morning dew as it will be very slick. In addition, finding rust on your roof can be troubling and a good idea to find out where it is coming from. When in doubt, call a professional to help with maintenance and to extend the life of your metal roof. They are there to help and keep you and your home safe.

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