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When to Hire a Professional to Remove Mold

By April 22, 2020October 5th, 2020No Comments
Professional to remove mold; mold in the wall by radiator

Mold is in many homes and grows where moisture and oxygen co-exist.  We can smell mold, but we can’t always see it. In fact, many people are highly sensitive to mold, so it is important to remove it from the home. The question is, do you get it out on your own or do you hire a professional to remove the mold?  Let’s take a look.

Is the Surface Small or Large?

Black mold in the home can cause you or a family member to have itchy, watery eyes, upper respiratory issues, or asthma. One of the first steps is to find the mold.  Is the mold a small amount and on a surface that you can wipe clean with soap and water and a vinegar mixture? You can try this first and see if this gets rid of the problem.  If it is a larger surface, it may be too risky to tackle on your own and time to hire a professional to remove the mold.

Find the Source of the Mold

Next, we recommend looking around the area where the mold is.  Where is it coming from?  Is there a leak nearby in a faucet or fixture? Or is it near the water heater, exposed plumbing, or around the edges of a window?  Use the mixture mentioned above and see if this takes care of the problem.  If not, you will need to call a professional to do more extensive research and remove the mold in the home.

Hire a Professional to Remove Mold; Mold in ceiling
Mold on the Wall

I Found a Large Amount of Mold, Should a Professional Remove It?

The problem with trying to clean it all by yourself is that you need to be very careful.  Do you have personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear to clean it effectively?  You don’t want to inhale the mold, as it can be toxic and cause respiratory issues or other major illnesses. A moisture reader is a needed tool that will gauge the level of moisture in the room. Securing the area where you find the mold and keeping your family away from there is important. If these are things that sound challenging to you, it is time to call in a professional.  

A large area of mold sounds like it is a bigger problem and may require going into the drywall to find the source and you might not want to tackle this job.  This is okay!  A mold removal specialist will be glad to help.

What Will the Mold Removal Professional Do That I Can’t Do?

A mold removal professional may complete the following 6 steps to check for mold

  1. Repair the water issue with proper PPE clothing
  2. Isolate the area that is contaminated
  3. Clean up the dust and remove all materials that have mold on them appropriately
  4. Place materials in plastic bags
  5. Clean the area where the materials were used
  6. Make sure everything dries and use dehumidifiers or fans to speed up the process

You might think this list doesn’t sound like much is done during this process, but it takes time and money to take care of this problem.  In fact, hiring a professional allows him/her to remediate the problem and provide tips so the mold does not return.

Time is Money in Removing Mold

Lastly, everyone wants to save money when they can, but sometimes issues present themselves that are bigger than what we can handle on our own. Making sure the family is safe as well is very important. Time is money and investing in a mold removal professional is worth the price for you and your family’s health.

If you have questions about mold removal, please contact us at Fogarty Inspection Services .