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Why Paying for a Sewer Scope Inspection is Necessary

By April 24, 2020October 5th, 2020No Comments
castiron drain

Many homes built before the 1970s have sewer lines made of cast iron and since that was almost 50 years ago, life expectancy is coming to an end.  Newer homes use PVC drain lines, which can still have building errors once installed. When you buy a home, no matter the year it was built, paying for a sewer scope inspection is necessary.  Let’s look at the reasons why:

Many Older Homes in Florida Have Cast Iron Drains

It is impossible to see with the naked eye if the pipes are rotting or have corrosion.  A sewer scope inspection is necessary as the wear is in the inside of the drain since cast iron corrodes from the inside out. After many years of rainwater and chemicals flowing through, the drains will deteriorate over time.  Soil moves in the ground and roots grow through pipes so cast iron drains can damage.  If there are roots growing through the pipes, backups can occur in the homes.  Many homes now use PVC pipe or other materials that have a much longer life expectancy.

Even New Construction Homes Have Issues

Recently installed PVC drain lines can also have issues from cracking, settlement, improper install, or blocks. The only way to be able to understand if there is an issue is through a sewer scope.

Cast iron drain view with a sewer scope inspection.
Cast Iron Drain

Sewer Scope Inspection is The Only Way to Check for a Clear Line

A sewer scope takes a video of the sewer line leading from the house to the city tap or septic tank.  Even though scoping the sewer line is not included in a standard home inspection, you can purchase it separately.  Many homebuyers don’t think about this as being necessary but wouldn’t you want to know that the line is clear?  Would you want to know that the piping is not deteriorating or has defects?  The last thing you want as a home buyer is to find out that there is a blockage or a repair that will cost you thousands of dollars.

A Short Inspection That Will Leave You With a Peace of Mind

The sewer scope inspection does not take long- it takes longer to go to the grocery store than it does to do this type of inspection.  The trained inspector runs the specialized drain camera through the homes drainpipe.  This allows the inspector to check the lines for any damage or problems.  When this is complete, the inspector will leave you a report with the findings.  It is that simple and quick!

A Money Saver in the End

Paying the extra for the sewer scope inspection (ranges from $125-300) will save you money in the end.  There is no better way to find out that there is damage in areas that you cannot see. Also, if there is damage and you are the home buyer, you can negotiate the price of the home to include the repairs. Imagine if there is damaged cast iron piping underneath a home’s recently remodeled kitchen, that now has to be removed due to damaged drain lines.

Inspections and maintenance for homes are always a good idea.  It is not a wasted fee and is an opportunity for you as the buyer/seller to find out the inner workings of the dream home you would like to purchase.

Have questions, comment below! Read our page on sewer scope inspections.